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Belemaoil Producing Limited

At Belemaoil, our expertise is to optimize and deliver value throughout the entire hydrocarbon exploration and production chain. Our core team of seasoned E & P professionals has extensive experience from license to operate, Sub-surface, Project Delivery, Production Operations, Crude Handling to Commercial/Finance. At Belemaoil, our business is based on collaboration, shared objectives and development of superior performance techniques and best practices. We focus our goals to align with government aspirations such as social services (Health, Education and Employment) and gas processing for domestic gas, electric power generation to aid electricity supply and fertilizer production. Our robust governance systems and processes matched with feline agility in nimble and speedy decision making and execution gives us elephantine stability. Innovative funding, robust zero-based budgeting with single pot contingency provision for broad project groups, deployment of innovative and cost effective technologies, speed and lean operations culture; are all part of why we are cost efficient.

EPC Project Management 2021

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