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Bedeschi S.p.a.

BEDESCHI has been established in 1908, more than hundred years ago, and since then offers a fully integrated line of products and services widely used in many fields such as in bricks and tiles manufacturing, cement production, bulk handling and transport, mining and marine logistics, only to mention the most important. The Company is based in Limena with 25.000 m2 production workshop on a total surface of more than 50.000 m2. Thanks to the state of the art manufacturing facilities all the relevant parts of the equipment manufacturing can be carried out and controlled in house, thus ensuring the highest possible quality without oversea outsourcing, spare parts availability and deep technical knowledge of the products. CONTINUITY Since 1908 the Company has been owned and managed by the same family, preserving and enforcing customers relationship, being today the real backbone of the Company. BEING GLOBAL Since the very beginning Bedeschi has always focused on expanding its market geographically and widening its products offer as primary goal. The result is a Group of companies working all over the world with more than 90% of its sales abroad, serving many different industries and markets through an extended technical and commercial network being able to provide immediate technical and commercial service. Milestones in the Company expansion are Bedeschi America Inc. (the Florida subsidiary serving the American market), CTP Team in Milan (Italy) serving customers environmental needs providing leading technology in air and gas cleaning and BLL being a world class provider of services and equipments for the marine logistics.

EPC Project Management 2021

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