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SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY AND BEYOND BaxEnergy is the first independent company in the market in terms of total GW of renewable energy power plants connected Worldwide. By combining extensive domain expertise with the latest cutting-edge technologies, we provide an all-inclusive strategy able to offer on-site hardware & software solutions together with 24/7 Business Value Monitoring service. BaxEnergy has reached a monitoring portfolio of 81+GW of renewable energy worldwide. We are able to cover the 65% of renewable energy market in Itlay, 81% of wind energy in Morocco, 55% of wind energy in Austria, 14% of wind energy in Portugal, 10% of wind energy in Brazil, 33% of the renewable energy in Chile, and 40% of renewable energy in South Africa. And there is space for growth. Our flagship solution Energy Studio Pro� (ESP) is a complete and independent end-to-end platform to efficiently visualize, analyze and optimize power plant's data and operations across multiple technologies and manufacturers, in real-time from your monitoring room or from anywhere with enhanced mobile access. To boost the performance across your organization, we also have developed AssetStack�, a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution designed to be open and flexible. It allows to easily manage and store all your assets lifecycle information in one unique place and with a customized approach. The aim of the company is to make renewable energy easier, more efficient, affordable and secure. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Italy, BaxEnergy has branches in Portugal, South Africa and Dubai. For additional information about the company and services offered, please visit

EPC Project Management 2021

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