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Basis Plant Services S.r.l.

Basis Plant Services s.r.l. Member of Basis Group, Basis Plant Services is an Independent Service Provider with 20 years of experience and over 100 full-time employees offering: - Technical Field Services and Quality Inspections to owners and operators of rotating equipment manufactured by major OEMs to EPC and O&G companies ,industrial and power plants. Our experienced and qualified team is able to cover our client requisitions worldwide. We are strongly addressed to the new requirements of global market mainly focusing on Quality Inspection and Expediting services as our core business Our 20 years experience make us strong on Field services supervision and execution of installation, start up, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of rotating machineries as well as troubleshooting and survey on petrochemical plants, power plants, gas production and gas and oil transportation plants as well as on control panels, PLC, gas turbines and compressors instrumentations plants. We can arrange even Technical trainings, EHS trainings and familiarization trainings on machineries Costs saving maintaining professional results is our goal

EPC Project Management 2021

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