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Barbot manufactures and supplies paints for the renovation and interior decoration market. As a company and brand, Barbot seeks to inspire, explore and reinforce a new vision of space. It provides the ambience, colours, textures and technologies to transform your home into a huge canvas. Founded by Diogo Barbot in 1920, the company soon invested in innovation and quality to succeed in the competitive paints and varnishes market. Barbot works in two market segments: - Architectural and Decorative Paints (Decoration, Renovation, Flooring, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation) - Industrial Coatings (Protective Coatings for the infrastructure market, Flooring, Can Coating and Industrial Dyes). Today, the company is one of the largest in its sector in Portugal. It is based in Vila Nova de Gaia and currently has more than 350 employees, producing more than 100 tonnes of aqueous products and 15 tonnes of solvent products per day. Operating in three continents � Europe, Africa and Latin America �, the Barbot Group now includes eight companies, engaged in the production and marketing of paints and varnishes. Barbot Group includes the following companies: - Barbot - Ind�stria de Tintas, S.A. (; - Tintas Barbot Angola; - Tintas Barbot Cabo Verde; - Tintas Barbot Mo�ambique; - Master Paint (; - Jallut (; - Anpal Madeira - Com�rcio de Tintas, Lda.; - Anpal. Barbot Online Store Barbot has also launched an eCommerce website. The Barbot Online Store is a convenient place to purchase Barbot products. Customers can buy our products online and have them shipped directly to their location. For more information, please read our brochure or contact us.

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