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AVIN is one of the biggest oil companies in the Greek market with more than 200 employees, a network of 500 retail stations all over Greece and a market share of appx 13%. With MOTOR OIL as its main supplier, its commercial activities cover the areas of motor fuels, fuel for industry, domestic heating, asphalt, autogas and lubricants. ?VINOIL products meet the international technical specifications API, SAE, CCMC and ACEA, as well as those laid down by the major auto manufacturers. The company implements rigorous procedures regarding production, handling and distribution of its products from the loading points (company facilities and refineries) throughout the entire distribution chain and to the final delivery points (petrol stations, industrial facilities, etc.) in order to ensure that fuels are transported safely and arrive in good condition for use by the final consumer. Ever since it was founded AVINOIL has remained firmly committed to its people-oriented philosophy, laying emphasis on ethics, reliability and respect for the consumer. Its vision is: �To establish itself as the leading Greek company in the oil products sector, supporting people by offering quality products and services in an honest and responsible way and at affordable prices, making full use of the strength and technology of the MOH refinery�.

EPC Project Management 2021

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