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Aster Petr?eo

Aster's origins date back to the mid-80's, when the partners of the Aster Group founded a network of gas stations in Sao Paulo. In the early 90's, the small network of resellers decided to take a bold step: To become a distributor for delivery to its own gas station network and to partners in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The fuel distribution activities started in 1996. Sales progressed, the number of partners increased and the carrier of the group was created with the acquisition of the first tank-trucks. Aster then took the first step to its operational independence, building its first storing facility, (interconnected with Petrobras through pipeline), located in Guarulhos, in the Greater Sao Paulo area. The distributor also decided to create its visual identity and invest in gas stations bearing their brand, ASTER, adopting an aggressive policy of prices, and is now well known as a new brand, where the customer identifies the tripod of quality, price and service. Nowadays, with the experience of success in distribution, COPAPE (a subsidiary) receives authorization from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to produce premium and regular gasoline, enabling the first and only fuel blender in the Brazilian market. It�s laboratories and development center are equipped with the best technologies available, enabling it to produce automobile gasoline with one of the highest quality. With the capacity to blend 90 million liters (25 million gallons) of gasoline per month, supplies 130 private owned gas stations, under the brands Via Brasil and Aster, and other 300 under franchise agreements.

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