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Asia Petrochemicals

We are an integrated Bitumen Blending plant based in the United Arab Emirates and have 13 years of Strong Bitumen Handling and trading Experience behind us. We have incorporated the latest reactive distillation technology and immense detailed engineering to avail the products with highest purity and necessary Standards to meet the strictest quality codes for various manufacturing applications. The complete plant has been automated running on PLC with 24Hrs Operation to minimize the errors and meet the Specific Quality Parameters. We also have around 2000MT of Bulk liquid storage along with an organised automated Drumming and Packing section for storage of Bitumen and other lines of Solvents as well. Please note the core products manufactured and traded by us. Group A: Petroleum Products 1. Bitumen (Hot Melt and Drummed): Penetration Grade and Cutback Grades 2. Base Oils SN 500, 150, 650, 70 Bright Stock and Spindle Oils 3. Fuel Oils 4. Sulphur (Lumps and Granules) 5. Rubber Processing Oils 6. Greases ( Calcium and Lithium) 7. Parraffin Waxes Group B: Solvents and 1. ETHYL ACETATE (99.9% Purity) 2. METHYL ACETATE (99.9% Purity) 3. METHANOL 4. MEG/DEG/TEG 5. TEA/MEA/DEA 6. LAB/LABSA 7. POLYMER 10. White Spirit Group C: Lube Oil Additives 1. TBN 400 2. ZDDP 3. Engine Oil Packages 4. Gear Oil and Hydraulic Oil Packages.

EPC Project Management 2021

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