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Anticorrosion Protective Systems

Headquartered in Dubai since 1978, providing engineering, application, installation of specialized protective systems to the oil, gas, power and utility sectors throughout the Middle East and Asia through our Coatings and Linings and Pipeline Rehabilitation services offering. As Coatings and Linings specialized services provider, APS has grown to become the absolute market leader in the Middle East when it comes to quality, reliability and longevity for process vessel linings, pipe linings and coatings and the surface protection of equipment and components against arduous service conditions such as high temperature, high abrasion or high acid environments. Through our Pipeline Rehabilitation offering we have developed an unparalleled portfolio of systems with applications for the municipal, oil, gas and power sectors, for the repair, rehabilitation or replacement of existing aging and defective pipelines. We pride ourselves in providing internationally recognized branded products and services and thus are able to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality rehabilitation service in the region. #protectivecoatings #corrosionprotection #trenchlesstechnology #coatings #pipelineintegrity #liners Specialized In Quality - Since 1978

EPC Project Management 2021

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