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Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf is the Ansado Energia Group's high-tech gas turbines hot gas path parts repair workshop in the Middle East. Within Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf we apply the 'one-stop shop'? philosophy performing all the required repair processes under one roof thereby reducing lead time whilst maintaining full quality control for the benefit of our Customers. Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf is a leader in the global market known for high quality and credibility in the repair business. We are part of a long technology legacy deriving from our parent company Ansaldo Thomassen BV, located in Rheden, the Netherlands. Ansaldo Thomassen is a former business associate of General Electric that had been manufacturing GE design gas turbines for almost 40 years before turning to after sales service in 1998. During the license years Thomassen built more than 300 gas turbines. Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf combines the heritage of knowledge from Ansaldo Energia and Ansaldo Thomassen BV, plus the experience of industry professionals.

EPC Project Management 2021

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