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Angola LNG

Angola LNG is a major LNG producer with operations in Angola. The company�s head office is located in Soyo, Angola, and in 2008 Angola LNG established its global corporate base in Luanda, Angola. Through our Social Investment program, Angola LNG has established itself as one of Angola�s leading private sector investors in social development. Equally importantly, Angola LNG is committed to the transfer and growth of technical, professional and managerial skills amongst its workforce and more broadly in Angola Angola LNG operates one of the world�s most modern LNG processing facilities in Soyo, Zaire province. It is composed of a consortium of the most respected oil and gas companies which include Sonangol (22.8%) and affiliates of Chevron (36.4%), Total (13.6%), BP (13.6%), and Eni (13.6%).

EPC Project Management 2021

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