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Aeroqual Ltd

Every day, environmental professionals around the world are working hard to protect people and planet from the impact of air pollution. To do their job, they need actionable data they can trust, without the hassle, cost and risk associated with traditional air quality monitoring projects. Aeroqual promises to change all that. We design and deliver integrated hardware and software tools, built on industry-leading air quality sensors, that make it easy to measure the air. Since 2001, government, industry, researchers and consultants have chosen to work with us on thousands of projects in 70 countries on all seven continents. The U.S. EPA is a customer too � we�re collaborating on a 5-year R&D project to accelerate towards the future of sensor-based air monitoring. Together we�re working towards a world where the threat of ambient air pollution is diminished and where people feel safe to take their next breath. We�ve invested in bespoke research, calibration and production facilities operating under ISO 9001:2008 to provide the best available sensor technology for you and your customers. We work with people who are experts in the field and are dedicated to the improvement of local and global environments. Sensors have many advantages over traditional measurement techniques. However, producing defensible and actionable air quality data from sensors requires unique skills, experience and technology. We have developed and continue to develop deep and multi-disciplinary expertise covering: �Air quality sensor design, fabrication and calibration �Signal processing and algorithms �Instrument design and development �Application and support of instruments in the field �Cloud software design and development �Data capture and visualization �Remote network management �Atmospheric science This unique range of skills allows us to design an end-to-end air quality monitoring experience that is unmatched in the industry.

EPC Project Management 2021

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