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VISION Be the world�s most recognized Center of Excellence on technological innovations for Abu Dhabi�s hydrocarbon resources. MISSION Develop and deploy sustainably Technological Innovations for ADNOC Group of Companies enabling highest recovery from hydrocarbons reservoirs and assets, while fostering the Emirati-strong R&D Workforce. VALUES Along with the expected corporate values such as equality, integrity, responsibility, respect, loyalty and honesty, ADNOC R&D follows simple rules based on lessons learned from previous industry experiences such as: . Commitment and passion. . Collaboration and sharing, to achieve together ADNOC R&D Goals and Objectives. . Relentlessly pursue integration, which is critical to connect the various and complex technological disciplines and innovations with people, organizations and processes. WHAT WE DO A. CHALLENGES IDENTIFICATION & CONSOLIDATION B. CALL FOR R&D PROPOSALS C. EVALUATION & SELECTION OF R&D PROPOSALS D. R&D PROJECT MANAGEMENT E. TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND DEPLOYMENT AREAS OF INTEREST (R&DROGRAMS) R&D SUB-SURFACE related technical programs . Advanced Geophysical Technologies in Carbonates . Reservoir Characterization and Modeling . Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery . Reservoir Monitoring, Surveillance and Management . Drilling and Completion . Flow Assurance . Unconventional Resources R&D SURFACE related technical programs . Gas Processing . Facilities Integrity . Energy Efficiency and Environment . Process Control and Optimization

EPC Project Management 2021

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