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The �Asociaci�n de Distribuidores de Energ�a El�ctrica de la Rep�blica Argentina� (ADEERA) [Association of Distributors of Electric Energy in the Argentine Republic] is a nonprofit organization (NPO) created in 1992 and currently conformed by 44 electricity distributors of public, private and cooperative origin. The group of distributors associated to ADEERA provides the public service of electricity to more than 9.6 million of customers across the country; the beneficiary population reaches 32.5 million inhabitants. ADEERA distributors operate 76% of the electrical energy consumed in Argentina. ADEERA is Cammesa shareholder, [Compan�a Administradora del Mercado Mayorista El�ctrico S.A - Administrator of Wholesale Electricity Market Company SA], representing the distribution sector, as established by law 24,065. Our Purpose To promote the development and improvement of the Electric Energy Distribution. To secure the conservation of the environment by its members in relation to the development of construction activities and operation of the distribution systems of electric power. To promote scientific and technical research for the improvement of the electrical industry. To encourage the safety in the facilities for the distribution of electricity. To make technical teams for research and development of energy issues.

EPC Project Management 2021

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