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Acteon Group Ltd.

ACTEON� REDEFINING SUBSEA SERVICES ENABLING YOU TO REDUCE THE TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP OF CRITICAL SUBSEA INFRASTRUCTURE SAFELY, RESPONSIBLY AND THROUGHOUT THE LIFE OF A FIELD Acteon deals in subsea hardware, data and knowledge, creating value for customers in the oil and gas, renewable energy, aquaculture and marine construction sectors. We provide a range of industry-leading products and services supplied by our operating companies to support subsea projects during any phase of the life of a field; solutions that create and manage the delivery of fully integrated services to answer to complex, customer-specific challenges of any scale or complexity; and strategic innovations that answer unmet long-term or industry-wide needs. The Acteon field life service team delivers Acteon solutions and strategic innovations in collaboration with customers and partners through conventional or new commercial models. Acteon is represented in all the major offshore capitals and is involved in projects in most of the world�s prime exploration and production arenas.

EPC Project Management 2021

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