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AC Corporation

It is empowered to leverage the combined resources and capabilities of the company and expand its leadership role as the acknowledged leader for specialized engineering and software solutions to businesses here and abroad. AC Corporation has its roots from Ayala Corporation, Makati Machinery & Equipment Co., Inc., which was renamed AC Machineries, Inc. in 1982. The predecessor used to distribute heavy machineries like Mitsubishi, Sakai, Tadano and Furukawa,. AC Corporation was founded in 1988 to take over the activities of AC Machineries, Inc.,. The company now has more than 90% of the market for Service Station Pumps, LPG Filling Plants, LPG Valves and Regulators and LPG Vaporizers, with a respectable share of the air compressor business for service stations. On larger scale, AC Corporation is a specialized company engaged in process and oil terminal automation. AC Corporation provides specialized professional services designed to help in optimizing government and military operations. It includes specialized services in fleet fuel management and enterprise automation. Throughout its more than 28-year history, AC Corporation has been a leader in developing technologies and in converting those technologies for use in commercial markets. AC Corporation has successfully built upon its pioneering tradition to become a technology leader.

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