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A.T.E. Group

At A.T.E., we are passionate about technology. Having started the journey in 1939, we have built a professional and dynamic organisation that is dedicated to industrial sales, distribution and service. Our world-class products and services are made for the following domains: � Textile Engineering � Cooling � Wastewater Treatment � Solar Heating � IoT for Industry � Flow Technology � Print and Packaging � Value Enhancing Systems Our distinguished qualities include domain expertise, innovative technology solutions from across the globe, representation of more than 50 world-renowned principals, and over 80 years of impeccable customer service. Apart from a pan-India presence, we have a subsidiary at Dhaka in Bangladesh, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that produce precision spinning machinery components, innovative and eco-friendly cooling solutions, register control systems, and static and ink control systems. A.T.E. strives to provide its customers world-class technology, world-class quality, and world-class service. We reach out to our 5000+ and rapidly growing customer base through a vast network. Driven by a constant pursuit of excellence, and anchored by strong values and vision, A.T.E. is respected for its competence in all of its business areas.

EPC Project Management 2021

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