Bergen Pipe Supports Group

Bergen Pipe Supports is one of the leading suppliers of pipe supports systems to the global power generation, petrochemical and LNG industries. With manufacturing facilities in the US and India, as well as strategic partners in Saudi Arabia & South Africa, we truly are a global supplier with an unrivalled reputation for design & services and have been for over 100 years. We provide the most comprehensive product range from engineered hangers, constant and variable effort supports, pipe clamps, dynamic restraints, hydraulic shock arrestors, pre-insulated supports for both high-temperature & cryogenic piping to a wide range of isolation products used that prevent galvanic corrosion, noise transmission and wear. The organisation�s size and global manufacturing capability ensures we have the capacity and ability to deliver fast and optimised cost effective solutions whilst the product range is continually evolving and developing to meet the changing needs of our customers. Tel: +44 (0)121 504 2563

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