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(QAFAC) Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited

Qatar Fuel Additives Company limited (QAFAC) was established in 1991 as a joint venture between Industries Qatar (IQ), OPIC Middle East Corporation (OMEC), International Octane L.L.C (IOLLC) and LCY Middle East Corp (LCY MEC) with the unique and significant mission to build, own and operate facilities in Mesaaid, Qatar, for the production of Methanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) . Following comprehensive preparations QAFAC commenced operations in 1999 with the mission to be an international producer of Methanol, its high value derivatives, and Butane sub-products, in a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly manner, contributing to the economic development of Qatar, maximizing shareholder�s value. QAFAC produces and supplies Methanol and MTBE to the local, regional and international markets and with the vision to be amongst the top 5 producers of Methanol, its high value derivatives and Butane Sub-products by 2020 .QAFAC successfully revamped the methanol plant increasing the design capacity to 1,000,000 TPA of which 750,000 TPA are earmarked for export. The balance is used as feedstock for the MTBE plant, which is designed to produce 610,000 TPA of MTBE. QAFAC has a state of the art plant, staffed by a team of experts and professionals with extensive experience of working in chemical and petrochemical industries. In line with other major chemical companies globally, QAFAC has a strong focus on Health, Safety and Environment performance and this is a top priority in all of its operations.

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