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Patriot International

Our vision at Patriot is to be the Number One provider of specialist pipework equipment and training in Europe. We aim to set the standards against which others will be judged. We will build upon a team of people who have attitude and determination, who will not be afraid to attempt the difficult, and in doing so, will become capable of achieving the impossible. Patriot International was set up in 2002 to provide a range of specialist pipe work equipment for rental and sale. Since then, we have continually developed our product range and services to become one of the foremost companies of its kind in Europe. Our focus then, as it is now, has been to be innovative in our approach to problem solving and to look for the most fit for purpose equipment available in the market at the time. Our investment over the years has been significant in terms of the purchase of specialist equipment. However, by far, our most important investment has been in our people. This has been encouraged through selection, training and developing a positive, yet realistic attitude. We pride ourselves in being prepared to �go that extra mile� for our clients. In doing so, we feel that our reputation has been established as being able to provide �Integrated Solutions to Piping Problems�. With Strategic bases in Scotland, The Netherlands & Denmark, Patriot can supply the best in class tooling, worldwide.

EPC Project Management 2021

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