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juwi India Renewable Energies Pvt. Ltd.

juwi India Renewable Energies Pvt. Ltd., is a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary of Germany�s juwi Group. Since establishing in India, juwi has been recognized as one of the leading EPC providers in India in terms of installed capacity for large scale solar projects and is known for on-time project deliveries and quality of service . So far juwi India has executed 155MWp of solar projects combining free -field and roof-top projects. The juwi group juwi is one of the global specialists in renewable energy. The juwi group wants to contribute to a power supply based on 100% renewables combining the most modern wind turbines and photovoltaic plants, with sustainable bio energy projects and innovative technologies that increase efficiency. Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung created the juwi group in 1996 and today the company employs around 1,500 people in 16 countries. juwi�s headquarters are located in W�rrstadt, Germany. The juwi group has offices in France, Italy, The Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Chile, USA and Costa Rica. In Germany, juwi has subsidiaries and regional offices in twelve German states. Company activities include solar, wind and bioenergy as well as solutions for the direct and self-supply with eco-friendly heat and power. Up to date, juwi has erected around 730 wind turbines with a total capacity of around 1,500 megawatts and has constructed 1,500 solar power plants with a total capacity of around 1,350 megawatts. Our Services: juwi India brings you a full service, specialist PV solution- be it for free-field, roof-top or off-grid projects. All juwi power plants are designed, engineered and constructed according to German standards. juwi India�s services cover the entire project process chain � from planning, construction to on-site operation and maintenance. That guarantees our customers the best results for their investment.

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