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Engage Consulting

Consumers want a better service at a lower cost, as well as new lifestyle offerings. Technology is providing new service possibilities � and innovative solutions for decarbonising our energy infrastructure. The electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements sit at the heart of the industry and make all of this possible. We are independent, trusted, expert advisors specialising in these Energy Market Arrangements. This includes the rules and regulations, the markets, the operational processes, the costs and incomes the commercial arrangements and the associated settlements. Since 2000, we have been helping our clients deliver a better service to their customers and stakeholders � designing new market arrangements, implementing change, improving services, lowering costs, and dealing with issues and complexities. These clients include retailers, networks, market administrators, trade associations, local councils, the regulator, technology providers, and financiers. Our consultants and information service practitioners have many years of industry experience and our collective pool of expertise enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

EPC Project Management 2021

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