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CheckPoint Pumps & Systems

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems is the world leader in solution driven design and manufacturer of metering pumps, control systems, process packages and solar systems for chemical injection. All CheckPoint� pumps and packages are engineered, manufactured, and tested at its world headquarters in Louisiana, USA. CheckPoint systems, designed for the harsh operational conditions found in petroleum production facilities, serve many applications, including corrosion and hydrate formation inhibitors, biocides, pH control, drag reducer, defoamer, and sodium hypochlorite. Our customers are oil and gas producers, petrochemical plants and refineries, and production enhancement chemical manufacturing companies around the world. CheckPoint has unique insight into the trials faced by petroleum production teams. When faced with a new or challenging application of chemicals to enhance your production process, there is no better place than a company that has a depth of experience in chemical injection technology as well as state-of-the-art pump design. CheckPoint can assist you in the design and engineering of the processes that will optimize your production at the best ROI. CheckPoint wants to be your chemical injection solutions company. Learn more about our diverse range of pumps and solutions, including pneumatic, electric and solar, at Contact us at +1 504.340.0770.

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