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Established by the firms Blattner and Pomerleau, Borea Construction is specialized in the construction of Canadian wind farms. Our main goal is to create real added value for our clients. D.H. Blattner & Sons Inc. (, a wind farm construction leader in the United States, was founded more than a hundred years ago. Pomerleau Inc. (, established over forty years ago, leads the Quebec construction industry and is one of the largest construction companies in Canada. From their founding fathers, both companies were handed down from one generation to the next and are still to this day, family-owned and operated. Borea Construction offers a full range of professional services, insuring the success of each project by maintaining high quality control standards and keeping the client�s best interests at heart. Borea�s areas of expertise in wind farm construction include: Project planning Construction of access roads Construction of foundations Assembling, installing and erecting wind turbines Permitting Engineering (civil and electrical) Thanks to innovative techniques and recognized project management skills, Borea is able to lead its clients through all the phases of a wind farm construction project, from the initial design phase to completion and commissioning. Borea ensures that it maintains a collaborative environment at all times. The firm operates with health and safety prevention as a top priority and builds with total quality in mind, considering the future ahead thanks to well established environmental policies. Through continuous value analysis, we can offer the best quality-price ratio and operating performance possible. Our strength: Thorough management that highlights the relationships between all involved.

EPC Project Management 2021

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