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Fabricantes de todo tipo de bombas centrifugas//Centrifugal Water Pumps manufacturer. We are pumps manufacturer since 1902, export over 65 countrys. Within recent years, the company has relocated its headquarters to a purpose built factory at Massalfassar on the outskirts of Valencia. The design of the new plant allowed the introduction of the most advanced machine tools to take full advantage of modern CADCAM techniques. The factory complex incorporates a pump test facility capable of flows up to 2000 l/s and has an electrical power capacity of 1000kVA. This is used to verify the performance of production pumps to the most exacting international standards, and is crucial for the development of existing and future products. Since the foundation of the company, our investment in Research and Development has underpinned continued improvements. Our commitment to quality has led to Bombas Ideal obtaining accreditation to ISO 9001 in 1999 by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

EPC Project Management 2021

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