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Alfagy Limited

We deliver heat and power as well as 40% reduction on energy bills. IRR levels of more than 50% are common and in a few years our wood gasified CHP plant will generate considerable profits beating any other investment in the market. Alfagy is the distributor heat and power products in Europe and the USA but was formed in the English district of the Cotswolds as a company. Alfagy delivers more than 36 years of CHP experience to the market and specialises in providing customer focused profitable solutions. Alfagy derived its name from the alpha cycle of a particular Stirling engine design. While Stirling engines may yet show promise, established combustion engines and their related supply chains are much more efficient and reliable in bringing customer satisfaction. They also bring sizable cuts in Green House Gas emission and contributes to energy on demand when the wind is not blowing nor the sun shining. Our group employs more than 500 individuals. If your finances are stretched, ALFAGY provides finance and the technologies to businesses and communities that want to live a sustainable life while securing independence from volatile energy costs. We use biomass CHP and boilers for on-demand generation of heat and power while any type of fuel can be used. We now dliver power solutions for biodiesel, biogas, natural gas, LNP, LPG, syngas, wood gas, diesel or HFO. Our plants are delivered with the highest standard specification and quality in the industry - so there are no nasty surprises. We produce sound proofed �plug-and-play� units that meet both the stringent UK, German and US emission standards. The factories in Germany are ramping up production after moving to new and larger production facilities to meet demand. Thorough high quality German, Austrian, Finnish and British engineering, we deliver the key to your satisfaction and operational security. If you wish to know more, please contact us here.

EPC Project Management 2021

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