Marsol International launches integrity management system

August 19, 2015

DUBAI -- Marsol International, a Dubai-based global marine solutions provider focused on the offshore oil terminal market and related infrastructure, has launched its holistic integrity management system to drive forward efficiencies in capital and operating expenditures.

As infrastructures and assets deteriorate over time, their long-term operational efficiency decreases. Marsol International’s Advanced Systems Integrity Management (ASIM) initiative relies on in-depth information gathering, which in turn allows its engineers to carry out the redesign and verification of components to achieve life extension, reduced cost and reduced risk.

“Over the last 47 years Marsol International has developed engineering solutions for the fabrication, commissioning and operation of offshore terminals and infrastructures,” Mike Young, managing director of Marsol International, said. “During that period, we have seen increased involvement in identifying and reengineering points of failure in different systems, generated not only by design and engineering but also through changing environmental conditions and operational practices.

“As a result, we have worked with clients, consulting engineers, contractors, original equipment manufacturers and operators. This has put us in a unique position to fully understand the differentiators between inspection, repair and maintenance and the intricacies of integrity management. Assessing the operational environment, and thus the operational integrity, Marsol is then able to extend its offering to cover life prediction and life extension programs, with resulting efficiencies in capital and operating expenditure. This has become even more relevant due to aging infrastructure and the current low price of oil.”

Marsol International has provided operational engineering and management solutions to clients, consultants and EPC contractors for new offshore terminal facilities, and operational integrity management and IRM services of existing facilities to offshore terminal owners and operators.

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