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Process & Mechanical Engineering Oil,Gas Petrochemical, Chemical, and Allied facilities training

Online training course will feature
  • Practical introduction to the fundamentals of process engineering

  • Practical introduction to the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Equipment and Materials

  • Key areas applicable to major process industries especially oil, gas & petrochemical

  • Process and Mechanical Engineering influence on Safety and Risk, Failure Modes and Maintenance

  • The links between the two engineering disciplines

  • Process and Mechanical engineers are interested in the safe containment, transportation and transformation of solids, liquids and gases. Of specific importance are separation processes including distillation, heat transfer, hydraulics and fluid flow, reaction engineering, process control and economics. It also focuses on sound mechanical engineering principles, together with other engineering techniques including inspection, monitoring and condition evaluation, that enable mechanical engineers to design and maintain the equipment required by process engineers.

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