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 On demande Process Equipment & Piping Systems training

Who should attend 
  • Process, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers

  • Operation and Maintenance Engineers

  • Project Engineers

  • Supervisors and Managers

  • Technical Personnel involved in inspection

This Process Equipment & Piping Systems training Online  "webinar  "  course designed to provide practical aspects of the mechanical design of pressure vessels, storage tanks, thermal equipment, piping systems and fluid transport machinery. This training course will discuss the performance of these components under various operating conditions including in-depth explanation on the process of material degradation such as corrosion, erosion, fatigue and others that may lead to component failure.

Several examples and case studies included in the workshops and will demonstrate the application of Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment method that enables quantitative evaluation of the remaining life in service of any component of equipment. Failure prevention methods will also be discussed and explained.

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