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Plant piping Design Structural integrity & maintenance training

Who should attend 
  • Process, chemical and mechanical engineers working in petrochemical and process industry, including oil refineries and gas production companies where operation and maintenance of pipelines are high importance

  • Operation, technical service and maintenance professionals from various processing plants involved in everyday operation, control, inspection and maintenance of pipelines

  • Engineers and consultants dealing with planning of new production lines and retrofitting plants and introducing new technologies

  • Technical professionals responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment

  • Develop deep understanding & familiarity basic principles of pipeline design for various industrial applications.

  • Be familiar with the practical aspects of structural integrity, related to pipeline operation

  • Have a knowledge of the various types structural and corrosion failure in relation to process pipes

  • Have an understanding of aspects of pipe maintenance practises

  • Have the necessary knowledge of relevant piping codes, such as ASME and API

  • Use & follow the guidelines & best industrial practices related to the design and operation of pipelines

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