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Financing solutions Oil&Gas & Mining Projects


Online training course will feature
  • The Oil, Gas and Mining sectors and the Financial Implications relevant to Projects in the sectors

  • Best Practice in Investment Appraisal of Oil, Gas and Mining Projects

  • The Analysis & Evaluation of Case Studies relevant to your role and organisation

  • The latest International methods of Financial Management, Analysis &  Evaluation

  • How to Manage Oil Prices, Gas Prices and Mineral Prices

  • Oil, Gas and Mining Projects involve substantial capital investment, long lead times and carry significant risk. Their success is often critical, not only to the companies involved but also to the Government. As a result, this course plays a vital role by improving the performance of those involved in managing and contributing to such projects.

  • This training course will provide delegates with the essential skills to evaluate financial decisions, recommend appropriate sources of finance and to manage financial risks, including volatile oil prices, gas prices and mineral price.

  • These skills will be developed through the analysis of Finance Case Studies relevant to your organisation.

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