On demande Achieving Operational Excellence in Multishift Management training

Who should attend 
  • Plant/operations personnel and managers, shift supervisors and shift team leaders

  • Personnel interested in Quality and Quality Assurance

  • Maintenance and Engineering Personnel

  • Training & Development Personnel

  • Personnel from Logistics or Network Support Teams

  • Personnel from Customer Service at any level

  • HR Personnel and those involved in Staff health and welfare at any level

For a facility to operate safely and efficiently 24/7, it is necessary to apply best practices to shift working. Multiple-shift operation poses a challenge because of the potential for fatigue and disconnects caused by the fact that the personnel are changing every few hours. This can result in a significantly increased risk of incidents and operational problems such as reduced throughput, poor communication and increased levels of waste. What is needed is a way of working that fosters common goals and a seamless flow of information, processes and products throughout your operation.