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Wireless Seismic, Inc.

A Revolution in Seismic Data Acquisition We bring to seismic contractors the industry's only scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time seismic data return. The RT System 2 is a revolutionary cable-free and real-time seismic data acquisition system that scales to tens of thousands of channels. It delivers, at scale, the flexibility and reduced operating costs inherent in cable-less systems, along with the well-understood advantages of real-time cabled systems, including data security and data visibility. Seismic contractors no longer need to sacrifice real-time data return and risk compromising the quality and the security of their data to get access to a high channel-count, cable-less system. RT System 2 is designed and engineered to overcome the limitations of the currently available seismic recording systems and to deliver a reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for both conventional and unconventional seismic operations. RT System 2 advances the way seismic data is acquired onshore -- by taking advantage of highly efficient radio technologies, instead of bulky, heavy, unreliable cables and by overcoming the data QC, collection, transcription, and security limitation of "blind"? nodal systems. With RT System 2, you can confirm the quality and fidelity of your data the moment you take a shot or initiate a sweep -- you never have to take an extra step to collect or transcribe the data. No hybrid system or wireless nodal system on the market today offers the real-time confidence of RT System 2. You will see the data as it is gathered, so you will know all of your channels are functioning properly -- eliminating costly re-shoots.

EPC Project Management 2021

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