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Whitham Group Executive Search

Whitham Group is an executive search firm originating from the Bay Area. We are a team of experienced, professional executive recruiters who provide the highest quality candidates for our clients. We understand that finding the right headhunter to represent you in the five, six, and seven-figure talent market is a mandate. The quality of your management opportunities are often tied to perceptions about the quality, credentials, and experience of the messenger you choose to engage. Whitham Group is the messenger of corporate career opportunities, yet we are also salespeople, entrepreneurs, serial networkers, brand ambassadors, and an extension of your current leadership team. We make crucial judgments about who should be given an opportunity to compete for positions within your organization and who should not. Our team are experts at making the most crucial candidate screening decisions. Whitham Group is immersed in the Renewable Energy, Tech, Construction and Utilities Industries and we have a vast network of professional contacts which we leverage for our clients.

EPC Project Management 2021

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