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At Voltea, our mission revolves around providing a superior solution to water reuse and desalination, where we put our natural resources and environment first. The lasting effects that harsh salts and chemicals have on our water sources is brutally evident, and only regressing with each salt refill and discharge using current traditional desalination and reuse technologies. Environmentally responsible solutions to water reuse and desalination are crucial to our generation - and our future - and Voltea surpasses these expectations by providing a tunable, salt-free, chemical-free desalination technique that every home and business can adopt. The tunability feature of Voltea�s Membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI�) is what differentiates our technology from traditional desalination technologies; we allow treatment of brackish water sources where the customer can choose the level of salt and ion removal based on their treatment needs. No longer is it necessary to replace removed salt with other salts, add chemicals for cleansing purposes, or cool then re-heat water for high-temperature reuse applications. CapDI accomplishes this all while reducing environmental impact, energy costs, and operational inefficiencies.

EPC Project Management 2021

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