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Vector Cuatro Group

Vector Cuatro Group, a company of Falck Renewables S.p.A. and world�s leading advisors in renewable energy, is a global leader in asset management, technical advisory, transactions and legal services in green power, which constitutes a significant competitive advantage valued by the market. Currently we exceed 53 GW of track record in technical advisory services, over 2.4 GW of power under management, 4.6 GW in financial advice and we are present in more than 33 countries. We are young, dynamic, and we desire to continue expanding our services across geography. We think big and have ambitious and exciting plans ahead. For us, it is always a great opportunity to grow, learn and prosper together. We come to work and dream about what�s possible. We turn ideas into action while being our own toughest critic so we all learn faster and do things better. The people we are looking for are the ones who care about the environment and sustainable way of living. We know how to take commitments, make things happen or, help others to succeed. The obstacles are made to be overpassed and the problems to be changed in opportunities.

EPC Project Management 2021

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