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On those days we introduced automation to Turkish liquid fuel industry through "Vehicle Identification System"? in 1999, our dream was to equip our stations with technologically more advanced automation systems. In such a short period like 14 years, the automation systems we have set up in Turkey have developed beyond our dreams. Today, the experts from all corners of the world coming to examine the systems in Turkey admire our systems enviously. Since the day we commenced operations, we have achieved many firsts in the liquid fuel industry, both domestically and globally. Turpak has brought innovations to the industry, first with RFID Vehicle Identification System, the first in Turkey, and then with Pump Automation, Integrated Tank Automation, Integrated Market Automation, RFID Customer Identification System, and Tanker Truck Automation System. Through the wireless station automation, another first in Turkey, we have saved the industry from the concrete cutting process, thus ensuring a considerable money saving. In addition to these products, we are one-stop-shop for all needs of the industry from station Accounting System to Main Office Software, from Vehicle Tracking Systems to Cash Registers, serving with Turpak quality. Turpak offers lucrative technologies so that the oil distribution companies and fleet operating companies can manage their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Turpak family has contributed great efforts in the introduction of automation into the industry and in the development of automation in Turkey to this customary level today. Turpak dealers and employees have committed themselves to explain automation to Turkish liquid fuel industry by working like a teacher day and night without a break for many years.

EPC Project Management 2021

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