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T�pra� has four refineries established in Kocaeli, Izmir, Kirikkale and Batman with a total crude oil processing capacity of 28.1 million tons per year. T�pra� is the largest industrial company in Turkey with the added value and revenue that it creates. As Europe�s 7th largest refining capacity, T�pra� is one of the most complex refiners in the Mediterranean region with an average Nelson complexity index of 9.5. With the completion of the Residuum Upgrade Project (RUP), the Izmit Refinery now has the highest complexity of any refinery in the region. In 2017, T�pra� operated at full capacity and broke a new production record with 28.9 million tons. White product yield was realized at 76.3% Thanks to effective sales strategies, sales volume reached 31.5 million tons with an annual increase of 1.2 million tons (+4%). In terms of composition, domestic sales were 25.7 million tons and exports were 5.8 million tons. 51% of T�pra� shares belong to a special purpose vehicle (EYA�) which is 98% owned by Ko� Group Companies. A further 49% of the shares are publicly traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, and through a GDR programme on the LSE.

EPC Project Management 2021

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