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TOSL Engineering Limited

TOSL Engineering Ltd is a bespoke integrated solution based provider of engineering services and products. Based in the southern Caribbean island of Trinidad, TOSL is a multifaceted company that provides industry leading engineering services and products to an assortment of industries throughout the region. The Company�s operations are strategically structured around a few core divisions: � Mechanical Engineering Products & Services (Pumps, Engines � Natural Gas Solutions, Compressors & Generators) � Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Products & Services (EIA Expertise, EIA Products, Valves) � Industrial Equipment Sales & Procurement Services (Metals & Consumables, Safety Products, Procurement) � Asset Integrity Inspection & Testing Solutions (Predictive Maintenance, Inspection & Testing, Anti-Corrosion / Pipeline Repair Solutions) � Wire Rope & Rigging Solutions (Wire Rope & Rigging) � Construction and Maintenance Project Management (Construction Services, Construction Products, Refractory & Insulation Materials, Refractory & Insulation Services) � Welding, Fabrication & Machining Services � Chemicals & Process Technologies (Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Upstream, Chemical Laboratory Capabilities, Piping Solutions) TOSL�s business operations currently span over 91,000 sq. ft of commercial space, comprising of warehouses, engineering and service workshops, corporate office and specialised facilities. The Company is a regional industry leader in the provision of engineering services, products, and equipment to a multitude of sectors including but not limited to: � Petroleum (Oil & Gas Exploration & Production / Gas Processing & Treatment) � Energy (Renewable Energy / Power Generation) � Utilities (Water & Wastewater Management) � Construction (Government / State Infrastructure Projects) � Food & Beverage (Agriculture, Land & Marine Resources) � Metals & Mining (Quarrying) � Logistics and Transportation

EPC Project Management 2021

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