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The Lisbon Group, LLC

We are a private company founded in 2003, we engineer fit-for-purpose solutions that maximize value, whether the project is domestic or international. The Lisbon Group provides comprehensive engineering services and technologies to upstream, LNG and NGL markets. We offer our clients fit-for-purpose design solutions, provide unbiased analysis, and enable well-informed decisions that maximize their project value. We support all the project phases from conceptual studies to operational support. WHY THE LISBON GROUP. Make a visible impact�and work internationally-- this is an opportunity for continued professional growth and making a strong impact. There will be many opportunities contribute to high-level internal and external decision making. Our projects take us to sites across the globe providing numerous opportunities to broaden your perspective. Growth, exposure�and enjoyment-- we can promise you won't be bored; this is an opportunity to contribute at a very high level. We are excited by what we�achieve each day. The work is varied and diverse; it keeps things fun and challenging. Accomplishments can�range from: "I created a new simulation for an LNG plant"?, or "I contributed the regulatory gap analysis for this marine project we�re trying to get through class,"? to "I just got back from Nigeria."? Once a proven part of our team, you will be given the opportunity to try new things, do what you love, and make your dream job a reality. Teamwork without bureaucracy�-- ours is a privately owned business with the owners onsite. If you're tired of corporate politics this is an ideal fit.� We empower and encourage everyone to develop solutions to the problems we and our customers face. We work collaboratively and every one of us is approachable and interested in providing the best product and service possible.

EPC Project Management 2021

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