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Tata Chemicals Europe

Tata Chemicals Europe is one of Europe's leading producers of soda ash (sodium carbonate), salt and sodium bicarbonate. The company's products are manufactured at three sites in Cheshire in the UK, to international quality standards and find use in a wide range of industry applications. To support these operations, and to deliver reliable, cheap electricity to the National Grid and a variety of customers via a dedicated private wire system, Tata Chemicals Europe also owns a state of the art, gas-fired combined heat and power plant, which is amongst the most efficient in Europe. Tata Chemicals Europe Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Chemicals Limited and was established as Brunner Mond and Company in 1874. It was founding company of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) at its formation in 1926. Tata Chemicals Europe also includes British Salt Limited (see separate LinkedIn page), which produces salt for, amongst other things, food, animal feed and water softening at its operations in Middlewich, and Winnington CHP Limited, which owns the CHP plant referred to above.

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