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Stellar Power

ABOUT STELLAR POWER Stellar Power is a boutique financial advising and consulting company focused exclusively in the solar industry. Founded in 2010 as an investment research firm, our roots are in searching out and delivering investments to our clients that offer uniquely attractive risk vs. reward. We are proud to bring the fiduciary standard (acting in our clients best interest) to the solar industry. OUR CORE VALUES Possibility - We believe we are the authors of our lives and anything is open for creating Authenticity - We share fully who we are and what we stand for Honor - We keep all promises to ourselves and others Presence - We listen for and are fully present to that which truly matters to the speaker Accountability - We track our performance and address incompleteness in what�s missing Responsiveness - We respond immediately and always close the circle Mastery - We master our craft, we double check our numbers, we understand our game

EPC Project Management 2021

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