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The services that we and our subsidiaries offer encompass every aspect of the energy supply value chain. For more then 80 years now, STEAG GmbH has been synonymous with safe and efficient power generation, both within Germany and abroad. We draw on our extensive experience to support our customers in every aspect of the power generation process. We plan, develop, construct, operate and market high-efficiency power plants and their by-products. Besides custom power and heat generation solutions, we offer a wide range of energy services. In 2017 with a staff of around 6.493, we were able to achieve a turnover of 3.6 billion euros. As one of the largest generators of electricity in Germany, the STEAG Group has an installed capacity of approximately 7,600 megawatts (MW), of which around 5,500 MW are in Germany. The STEAG Group operates power plants in the ruhr area, Saarland, Saxony as well as over 200 local power facilities for generating power from renewables and distributed generation facilities for industrial applications and heat supply. Trading & Optimization Trading & Optimization is the trading unit of STEAG GmbH. For its broad portfolio of products and services in the field of energy trading, Trading & Optimization can draw on extensive expertise and experience in the asset-based commodity trading of electricity, coal, gas, and emission rights. In the field of electrical power, STEAG supplies both standardized and customized solutions in liquid and non-liquid market segments. In the field of fuels, STEAG is one of the leading importers and sellers of hard coal with its own shipping programme. Our global partnerships with producers and our broad range of trading partners enable us to supply our customers with coal in the grades required for locations both in Germany and abroad. Our customers are market players such as power supply utilities, banks, industrial enterprises and trading houses. Our portfolio comprises the following products and services: � Purchase and sale of electricity on the energy, balancing power and reserve markets � Market integration of renewable energy sources and direct marketing of electricity from renewables � Electricity-related energy management services (e.g. management of virtual power plant capacities) � Capacity and energy marketing (electricity, heat, steam and air) � Purchase and sale of hard coal and coking coal including shipment and inland logistics � Purchase and sale of CO2 emission rights

EPC Project Management 2021

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