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Safar Oilfield Supplies

With more than 35 years of experience providing oilfield supplies to the oil and gas industry, Safar Oilfield Services is a leading product and equipment distributor for a vast array of customers throughout the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, and Africa. With offices in Iraq, UAE, and Kazakhstan, Safar is strategically located to provide our customers with innovative technology, industry expertise, and dynamic project solutions. Safar offers a comprehensive line of world renowned brands and products, such as oilfield tools, drilling industry supplies, personal protective equipment, environmental safety products, and additional specialized procurement services. In Arabic, the word �safar� means �travelled�� and in so many ways it applies to what we do here at Safar. Service You Can Count On Think of our experienced customer service team as your travel guides. They are available around the clock to help you through every step of your buying journey, from choosing and ordering products to coordinating logistics and ensuring the prompt arrival of your order. Quality Products You Can Trust Set off on a long journey without the right gear, and you won�t make it very far. That�s why Safar meticulously vets every product it sell and fills its shelves with high-quality, trustworthy products that will help you keep your rig running smoothly and safely. Local Inventory is Ready to Ship Safar is on the ground in key regions around the world�so the journey from the warehouse to your location is shorter and filled with fewer roadblocks. We manage compliance issues, so you don�t have to. Plus, we know the local requirements and trends, and ensure that we carry the right inventory for your area. That means you don�t wait for shipments to come in and you don�t pay more just because we�re located across the globe. Dubai Office: +971 04 881 5856

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