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Rubicon Water

Rubicon Water has a vision to sustainably increase global food and fibre production through improved water use efficiency. We do this by delivering advanced technology to irrigation water supply authorities and to growers, enabling them to manage their water resources with unprecedented levels of efficiency and control. TCC� is Rubicon�s technology set designed to improve the management of water in open channel distribution, helping managers improve the availability of water and service and equity to users. And FarmConnect� is Rubicon's on-farm technology, enabling the application of water to crops using high-flow, precision surface irrigation. Established in 1995 Rubicon Water is a privately held company headquartered in Melbourne Australia. Rubicon has designed, built and installed over 25,000 control and measurement devices in TCC and FarmConnect systems sold to more than 100 customers in 10 countries. We have offices in Australia, the USA, Mexico, Spain, China and agents in many other countries. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

EPC Project Management 2021

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