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Rigzone is the leading online resource for the oil and gas industry. We connect professionals to the news you are looking for, the career opportunities you want, and the actionable insights and data needed to tackle any industry and career challenges that may come your way. We have the largest pool of Oil and Gas talent with the skills and experience you are looking for when and where you need it. Our advanced recruitment and talent brand solutions allow you access a database of over 2 million industry profiles and reach a highly targeted audience made up of over 4 million members. We operate in all major Oil and Gas markets across the globe, with offices in Houston, Aberdeen, London and Dubai With the largest oil and gas audience in the world and a proven approach to sourcing and providing deep insights on all aspects of oil and gas, our focus is on improving the ways people engage with the industry, empowering the discovery of prospects and opportunities that inspire personal and professional success.

EPC Project Management 2021

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