quasar energy group

quasar energy group (quasar) is a Cleveland, Ohio-based waste management and renewable energy company. quasar�s anaerobic digestion systems have the capacity to annually manage more than 700,000 tons of organic residuals � materials which would have traditionally been sent to landfills or incinerators. Instead, our anaerobic digesters are naturally processing these waste streams, producing renewable energy (including CNG, electricity and heat) and a valuable fertilizer product. For areas of the country where nutrient overloading is causing algal blooms, quasar has designed a proprietary system that recovers phosphorus (99.7% capture rate) for agricultural and municipal waste streams. quasar systems help businesses and municipalities manage their organic waste by diverting it from landfills or incinerators and processes the material to generate renewable energy and fertilizer. quasar provides food manufacturers, farmers, wastewater treatment plants, waste haulers and other companies with an economical, environmental and sustainable means to manage their waste. With ten renewable energy facilities in Ohio, two in New York, one in Massachusetts and one in Maine, quasar is working to build an industry and strengthen communities through green jobs and cleaner energy production. quasar works with many local and regional contractors, suppliers and manufacturers to source labor and components for facilities. More than 98% of our components are produced in the U.S. quasar has several facilities with CNG fueling stations. Our renewable compressed natural gas (qng) is an environmentally friendly and less expensive alternative to gasoline and diesel. Production of qng helps reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil and contributes to our growing clean energy economy.