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Progressive Pipeline

Progressive Pipeline provides complete construction services for the installation of gas and liquid pipeline systems. With the combined efforts of our professional personnel and innovative fleet of equipment, we are able to successfully tackle any job of any length with pipe up to 42"?. Our experience at Progressive drives us along nearly any terrain to meet the diverse challenges of the entire US region. Our core values at Progressive are Quality, Integrity, and Safety. These three key values are at the center of everything we do, resulting in a solid reputation within our industry. For over 20 years, our success has been based on our promise: Proven, Positive, Progressive. As the region's leading pipeline installation and maintenance company, we deliver that promise daily with the quality, integrity, and commitment to safety that our clients have come to expect. Progressive is a national leader for pipeline services. We specialize in mainline pipeline installation with pipe up to 42"? within any geographic area, as well as marsh, swamp, and shallow water construction with water depths up to 25 feet. Progressive has proved itself over the years to be one of the industry leaders on Integrity Projects. Progressive's facility team brings over 50 years of combined experience to the table for our valued customers. Since 2002, we have performed in-house drilling services. We specialize in Horizontal Directional Drilling with pipe size up to 42"? and lengths up to 5,000'?. We also perform boring services: road, railroad, and cased bores. Progressive has performed many testing needs for over 10 years. Spike testing, hydro-testing, nitrogen testing, cleaning and drying, and commissioning, to name a few of our testing services. We also provide turnkey EPC services. Our EPC project expertise are: topographic survey, ROW plat, permitting, engineering and design, procurement, construction, as built survey, and commissioning.

EPC Project Management 2021

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