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Prakash Chemicals International Private Limited

Prakash Chemical International Private Limited (PCIPL) is a part of the Prakash Group, a conglomerate with 60 years of rich experience in the distribution of Industrial Chemicals, Software, Stationary, Telecommunications and other products. It is a leading exponent for soap and detergent raw material, paint and coating chemicals, flavour and fragrance chemicals, plastic additives, cosmetics ingredients, food and beverage chemicals, water treatment chemicals and many other significant industries. Its people, processes, systems, distribution networks, contract manufacturing sites and strategic relationships with raw material producers focus on satisfying your need; ensuring that every order is on time, accurate and complete. PCIPL combines its excellence in technical knowledge of applications with indigenous presence in various counties; facilitating a deep understanding of the differing business practices and cultures throughout the world. The centralised coordination of IT, ERP system and logistics ensure efficient and cost effective provision of �back room� functions; enabling PCIPL to meet the highest of standards and consistently apply them throughout its functions. For further information kindly visit us on

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