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POET Ethanol Products

POET Ethanol Products is a global leader in the energy and agricultural space, driven by responsible value creation in our industries, communities, and planet. Our roots developed as a supplier of fuel ethanol, and have grown into a multi-commodity and transportation based company providing solutions in grains, fuels, and carbon dioxide markets. As the largest supplier of ethanol in the world, we believe in both the value and benefits of driving a renewable solution to global energy needs, and focus on creating a better path forward in all our related industries. Philosophy || What We Believe � People are the source of our success. � The existence of our company is based upon our ability to add value to our customers. � We are at the beginning of a revolution from a hydrocarbon economy to a renewable sustainable economy. Culture || How We Operate � We treat everyone with respect. � We are driven by integrity and not greed. � We find our work to be rewarding. � We strive to get better at our work. This is who we are - POET Ethanol Products

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